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PatiCat Cruising Plans

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Overview - updated August 2005

Well, we sold our beautiful catamaran PatiCat at the end of 2004. Our kids are in high school now, and we are firmly tied to land until they at least go off to college. My wife and I plan to buy a new catamaran when our children move out, and are currently planning to do a circumnavigation.

We will evaluate which boat we select as we get closer to this next adventure, but we still have fond thoughts of our Voyage 440. In terms of technology, we will want the latest in the following areas:

"Your going across the ocean? I'm worried!"

This happens almost every time we bring up this subject. Let's explain the steps we're taking to help ease your concerns.

  1. We use pilot chart data collected on passages since 1871.
  2. We pick the best times to go based on the percentage chance of storms, ideal temperatures, the right kind of winds, the height of waves, etc.
  3. Before we leave, we can hire a weather consultant who specializes in sailing passages and tells us when is the best time leave. He gives us a detailed 8 day forecast before we leave.
  4. We of course will have plenty of food, water, spare equipment, safety equipment, etc.
  5. We plan to travel with other boats when possible - as we did with Shearwater on our trip down to the Caribbean
  6. We will have long range radio and a satellite phone which can be used to get continuous updates on weather, including calling the weather consultant who can update us on his forecast and our route.
  7. If a storm were to approach, we have the ability to travel over 200 miles in a new direction in 24 hours. We have two engines, so even if there is no wind we can do this. This means if even a hurricane were to develop, we could easily move out of its way in 24 hours!
  8. We now have some experience too - having taken our boat on several trips as documented in these web pages.

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