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Hotel California


Hotel California is the name of a Lagoon 42' Catamaran owned by a very nice family of 6 we first met up with in St. Maarten. Hotel California is skippered by Wilson Walch - the father, and crewed by: Elizabeth, wife; and children (oldest to youngest): Collin, Lindsey, Riley, and Gillian.


The Walch's are from - you guessed it - California, and are on a similar route to us in the Caribbean. The key difference is that they are planning to stay in the Caribbean a bit longer, so they are moving at a slower pace. PatiCat will soon be going ahead of them, but we hope to see them again during our cruise here. It has been really nice to have another boat with friendly faces to share our experiences with on our cruise. We hope we have formed an enduring friendship with these very nice people.

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